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      The PLX-8 is a new Programable Looper that offers almost unlimited effects sets that can be switched  quickly and easily. Comes with it's own power supply and ready to go.

      There are 8 inputs for effects and these can all be assigned at one time if you choose for some real sonic madness ! 

      The PLX-8 is a programmable and storable effects looper.  When engaging the PLX-8, just choose  your choice of tone groups and save for instant recall. These tone groups will be stored even after the power is shut down, so no constant re-assigning your favorite groups and settings. With the maximum storage of 32 groups tone, the design of TRUE Bypass of the PLX-8 guarantees the smooth transfer of  signal and it avoids the effect interference caused by other electronic switches. Further, the PLX-8 also has super fast switch speed and excellent low switch noise (which can be inevitable in some TRUE BYPASS devices).

      Very easy set-up with Memory functionality, as the PLX-8 will remember all set sequences even after the power has been turned off.  Very nice for the stage player and traveling musician!

      Quick and easy set-up with easy to follow change sequences.



      1.Press the EDIT button to enter the edit mode. In edit mode, an "L" will first appear on     

      the display indicates you are now dealing with the lower 4 LOOP channel of PXL8 (L1-L4).
      You can press the ‘BANK- ’ switch to switch the editing group to the upper 4 LOOP channel of PXL8,and a ‘H’ will appear on the display.

      2.PXL has 8 FX loop channels, that are assigned into 2 groups.  L5-L8 as higher 4 loop channel and L1-L4 as the lower 4 loop channel.The ‘BANK-’ switch is used to select the higher or lower 4 Loop group you want to edit. When you press the ‘BANK-’ switch and choose the higher 4 Loop groups to edit,a ‘H’ will on the LED display, indicating you are now editing the L5-L8 Loop channel. While choosing the lower 4 Loop groups, a ‘L’ will on the LED display, indicating you are editing the L1-L4 Loop channels.

      True Bypass, easy and fast switching, low Modulation "pop" noise.

      Total 8 inputs, 8 Programmable Banks with 4 tone groupings per bank.

      32 individual sets are possible, and all will be recalled for your next session!

      Switch at will and experiment with numerous different combinations.

      Great new Looper at an equally nice price !!


      Wave-X PXL8 programmable 8 loop pedal router. 

      8 FX loop Channels.

      Programmable effects grouping system.Total 32 effects combinations can be saved and then recalled even after power has been turned off.

      True Bypass design with no coloration in the loop sequence.

      TAKAMISAWA miniature signal relay.

      Power input protection.


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