We are very pleased to offer the Moen line of branded effects!!

Versatile, effective and very affordable. Starting from an all handmade line, this small company has been offering up some fine effects that are affordable to all. Warm analog sound, very musical in tone!

 Moen is still on the move, so keep watching for what might come up with next.......

All Moen effects come in full metal housings (never cheap plastic.. yuk!), True Bypass switching, and reliable builds.

  • Currently stocking items such as the Shaky Jimi Vibe , Pretty Dolly Delay, Uni-Comp Compressor, Fuzz Moo Fuzz  and many others to make your playing turn some heads.

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                                                                2014 EFFECT LINE

 The "Shaky Jimi" Analog Vibrato        (Best seller !!)  

SHAKY JIMI  specs:
Swirling vibrato effects. Very Univibe-ish. Brings up those those Hendrix and early Trower tones. Couple this with your favorite amp and throw in the distortion or fuzz and you can start your own Band of Gypsy's !! 

Capable of producing those dreamy vibe tones or increase the rate and get some leslie type sounds with a little tweaking.

Features at a Glance:

  1. Rotary speaker effect.
  2. Vibrato/Chorus mode switch.
  3. Rate and Depth knobs.
  4. Tough-built metal enclosure with metal stomp switch.
  5. True bypass stomp switch.
  6. Size  5 1/2 " H  x 3 3/4"  W  x 1 1/2" D 
  7. Weight: 1 lb 2 oz 

Here is a small taste of the Shaky Jimi, with no other enchancement. Just me + Guitar + Boss recorder:

Here is also a player video of the Shaky Jimi:


Fuzz Moo Analog  Fuzz Box


Analog Sustained Fuzzy Distortion:

Like any other MOEN Effects Pedal, the Fuzz Moo is designed with analog circuitry to ensure full processing and reproduction of the original signal without losing any details through digital sampling or processing. I have been playing with this one and it's pretty meaty with alot of headroom available. Kinda like an very early 70's Fuzz sound, but it is pretty flexible in acheiving different levels of raunch.

Note.. when I say it kicks back, I mean it. There is a lot of gain already in this box, so you might goes easy on the gain from the amp, or you will be howling like Ted Nugent when he is really pissed off ! This pedal will fight you back, but that is why I like it... I am always looking looking for that beautiful accidential "noise"!

When A/B'd in a studio against the Muff and some other well-known Fuzz boxes.... the Moo stomped all over them!!

Very musical and workable Fuzz tones.

Here is a link for a little taste of the MOO:


Here is a video of the Fuzz Moo in action/recording:


MOEN  UNI-COMP  Bias-Control Compressor

The MOEN Uni -Comp Compressor features an ultra fast response to signal, by accenting any weak signals and attenuates loud ones to make chords come alive and really pop. I have had compressors that seem to simply compress by "dropping the volume" and along goes the tone as well.

Not so here...on it's own it will really round out, elevate and accent the overall sound. Sustained notes, power chords are very attainable and balanced. Place this in- line before a favorite Distortion or Drive pedal and the Uni-Comp will push it even harder, smoother and more powerful.

There is also very little background noise here on the Uni-Comp where some units push the signal too much (and push the noise).

A great feature on the Uni-Comp is the Bias (EQ) Knob where you can balance the frequency response from Low to High.....you can even use it with a Bass Guitar!

The UNI-COMP has been getting great reviews on Guitar forums for both six string and bass applications. Great Compressor at an outstanding price !!

Features at Glance:

  • Ultra fast response to signal

  • Extremely low noise
  • Twin Filter avoids low-freq modulation

  • Flexible EQ Bias Knob


This is the amazing  BUFFALO!

Booster effect/Amp Simulator, Direct out Box, Parametric EQ function, Headphone Amp.

This the latest version of this of the Buffalo. The Gen 3 version has added a ground lift switch which can connect or interrupt a ground loop which helps  to eliminate hum in many situations. A great addition to this already around excellent box!! 



Also features the added ground switch to help control hum that find it's way in the chain.   

One very cool little box !


MO-VM MOEN   Violent Metal Heavy Tone Pedal  


The Moen Violent Metal is a beast right from the first (power) chord. Great tone shaping options when you want to throw some sound down. Full EQ tone knobs for scooping the mids or tweak to taste. The VM will complement any amp configuration and will drive the smaller amps to sound much, much bigger.

You can start to really move some air when you kick this in!
The VM features a specially designed  "V" Type EQ circuit
with frequency knob adjustment. This is a mean little monster and a lot of tonal possibilities for the price. 

Here is also a nice Video from Moen endorser Martin Behr:



The  MOEN  Overdrive offers a smooth, natural analog overdrive similar to a cranked-up tube amplifier. The effect is incredibly transparent as it responds to individual playing dynamics and lets the true tone of your instrument shine through.

Smooth,warm and natural overdrive... great for classic rock and punching up chords and solos. Put the OD in front end of any guitar amp, solid state or tube.


  • Level, Drive, and Tone adjustments
  • All Metal Enclosure
  • Warm Overdrive tones
  • True bypass stomp switch

Video featuring the Moen Overdrive:


    MOEN  MO-HC       HOLY CHOIR      Analog  CHORUS

Completely analog, the Holy Choir offers very lush, warm tones and strong natural watery chorus. Rate, Depth, and Level adjustments can go from gentle wave or almost vibrato. Very heavenly indeed. Even if you have chorus options already, add the Holy Choir to your chorus arsenal and run 'em both on different settings !! 

Video of the Holy Choir:


This is the Pretty Dolly ECHO Delay by MOEN                                    

                              Best Seller and a great value !

  The Pretty Dolly features a maximum of 500ms of delay time and can be adjusted using the Time knob. The Blend knob adjusts the level of the delayed return and the Repeat knobs sets the number of repeats of delayed sound. You can also acheive some nice slapback as well as other occilation atmospheric sounds to enhance the player's performance.
The Dolly is warm and clear, and very musical in tone...... a favorite of mine !!

The Pretty Dolly utilizes a specific AD/DA Chip which very closely resembles analog output meaning no detail of your sound is lost. Everything at input will be delayed and returned at output as a whole. The sound is never harsh, cold, or processed sounding. Very, very cool !!

Here is a small taste of the Pretty Dolly, with no other enchancement. Just me + Guitar + Boss recorder:


MOEN MO-DB   Deep Blue

Deep Blue is perfect for a rock, blues or even a jazz guitarist. The overdrive controlled by the Drive knob produces the classic smooth harmonic sound traditionally associated with blues and jazz. The Tone knob allows the guitar player to suit his preference to a more bass or treble tone. The level is to crank it up where you end up close to metal territory. A lot of power and tone here !

Player video of the Deep Blue:


This is the new ANOLE LOOPER by MOEN. 

Double chain effects looper A/B  (A or B single switching)  box  for song change or tone shift right at your feet.  

 Effects Loop Switch Pedal

Chain Your Effects with Ease !

The MOEN ANOLE LOOPER allows the player to chain his/her effects in selected preset configurations. Instead of having to click on and off multiple pedals in a song, the guitarist need only select the configuration through the dual looper pedal. This dual path is very versatile and will come in handy many times over.

Three Loop Paths:

The guitarist can configure his effect chains in three loop paths.

    • Path1: Bypass – Loop A
    • Path 2: Bypass – Loop B
    • A or B Loop Single Toggle Switch (for one click control of A or B)
    • Path 3:Plus...... in-line jack for Tuner !! You can silent switch the box and bypass to the tuner for fast tuning whenever you need it.... great idea. 

  1. Just as an example, Loop A can be used as the Drive loop. Pedals such as an Overdrive or Distortion can be chained in this loop. Loop B can be used to put cleaner  Modulation effects in such as Chorus, Echo or Delay configurations..... Or pretermined "sound sets" on either side loop for fast song switching.

When Loop A is selected, the Overdrive and Distortion chain will be turned on and when Loop B is selected, the chorus and delay chain will be turned on.  One switch controls both sides for fast tone shifting. Very cool........

Here is a video of the Anole Looper and it's function to the effect chain:


Moen introduces the new Ulite series of compact effects. Smaller in size than our normal casings to accomodate more pedalboards, but plenty of tone here and some exciting new offerings in this series.


JIMI ZERO"  specs: 

Swirling Vibrato effects. Very Univibe-ish.

Will certainly bring up those those Hendrix and early Trower dreamy tones,or you can set the rate to get any sound you desire.  Features Rate, Depth, and Bias control. Center LED pulses to the Vibe rate. Great Vibe tones that  will find a home on your pedalboard.

Features at a Glance:

  • Rotary speaker effect. Great vibe tones.
  • Space saving design
  • Center rate pulse LED
  • Rate,Depth abd Bias control knobs.
  • Tough-built metal enclosure with Heavy Duty 3PDT metal stomp switch.
  • Powered by 9V Battery (behind back plate) or 9V Adaptor
  • True bypass stomp switch.
  • Size  4 1/2 " H  x 2 3/4"  W  x 1 1/4" D 
  • Weight: 11 oz 

Here are a couple sound demos of the Jimi Zero:




The new Ulite Compressor is the "little" big brother to the almost famous Moen UNI-COMP

The new ULite Compressor offers a clean and powerful tone with vey little background noise. Brings single notes to the surface with clarity, pop and sustain if desired and make chords more articulate and powerful.

It features control for Volume, Compression, and Tone. Great Analog Compression and space saving design make the Ulite Compressor a tonal must have.

 Once you kick this in, you will hear the overall sound come alive and wonder what you did without it.

Features at a Glance:

  1. Low noise Compressor
  2. Space saving design
  3. Center LED shows mixed Comp and Vol.
  4. Volume, Comp and Tone control knobs.
  5. Tough-built metal enclosure with Heavy Duty 3PDT metal stomp switch.
  6. Powered by 9V Battery (behind back plate) or 9V Adaptor
  7. True bypass stomp switch.
  8. Size 4 1/2 " H  x 2 3/4"  W  x 1 1/4" D 
  9. Weight: 11 oz 



This is a little beast from the very first Chord. Gobs and gobs of Fuzzy Octave madness. Think the first chords of Space Truckin' as an example for chords. Lead work reminiscent of an Octavia. Maybe not for everyone, but for those who dare, alot of insane tonal possibilites here. Nice fit on the board and be ready for this one to take you for a ride.

I would start with the gain all the way down and work your way up from there.

This thing will pump out the gain even at low settings and can throw out some pretty gnarly tones ! 

Here is a video featuring the Octave Fuzz:

Features at a glance: 

  • Fuzz Octave w/intense tone.
  • Space saving design
  • Center LED
  • Volume, Gain and Tone control knobs.
  • Tough-built metal enclosure with Heavy Duty 3PDT metal stomp switch.
  • Powered by 9V Battery (behind back plate) or 9V Adaptor
  • True bypass stomp switch.
  • Size 4 1/2 " H x 2 3/4" W x 1 1/4" D
  • Weight 11 oz

Ulite Phase


The Moen Ulite Phase is a notch engine which delivers both vintage and modern phase tones. In "VINTAGE" mode, only the rate knob is active, the distortion is minimized and very easy to dial in those classic Phase tones. In "CTRl" mode, it allows user to control both the depth (CTRL1) and the resonance (CTRL2), to conjure up strong and modern phase tones.

Case Dimension ......................... 120 X 73 X 32 mm
Weight .................................... 0.3kg
Power Suppy ............................. DC9V or 6F22 battery
Current Drain ............................. Less than 9mA
Input Impedance ........................ 500k ohm
Output Impedance ...................... 10k ohm
Switch ..................................... 3PDT True Bypass

Here is a video from the great Moen endorser Martin Behr:

 All the new Ulite series features all new Analog designs, True bypass switching along with a quality build throughout. Available NOW!!!....



Moen had been asked if they could produce effects that would easily fit pedalboards where space can be limited, as the Moen original casings are much larger and take up more space on pedalboards.

Moen has now responded with their excellent new Ulite series of effects which features full Analog tone in a much smaller casing that caters directly to pedalboard users. Moen has taken all their knowledge thus far and put it into this series. The new Ulite series features an excellent quality build throughout : Top loading inputs to save space, full metal casing, quality knobs, heavy duty stomp switch and True Bypass .

All units come with a one year repair or replace warranty guarantee.

Moen introduces their new AM Line by offering a smaller case size along with all the tonal  response Moen has become known for. All at a great price as well!

The AM-RV Digital Reverb:


AC-BA " ACOUSTIC BUFFLAO EQ/DI.... designed specifically for acoustic applications!



NDI-A Mini Acoustic Guitar DI:

AM-OD Overdrive:

AM-DB Deep Blue Overdrive:

NDI-E Mini Buffalo DI/AMP SIM





High Quality Shielded low noise Guitar Lead cable. Gold tips and sturdy for life long performance.

 MOEN High Quality Metal tipped Jumper patch cables.



                                         Right angle DC plug makes connection easier.
MOEN Linear Power Adaptor is specially designed for guitar pedals, high quality components makes clean regulated DC output.
New Moen Zip Adapter..... full 2Amp power for firing up to 15 effects. Small, compact and powerful !


   The Total Solution For  Powering Pedal Boards !!

The MOEN Power Station is specially designed for pedal boards, which provide regulated DC 9V and DC 12V with maximum 800mA , two AC outlets allowing pedals (like some tube drive pedals) with unpopular power supplies to be plugged in. The ground check circuit is very helpful when you want to check if the AC line is grounded well, as this is very important with regards to noise cancellation and ground hum which can certainly run through your entire effects chain and virtually destroy a performance and further protects all the powered pedals and devices. The volume meter will dynamically show the signal strength and the ampere meter monitors the current consumption of all pedals.

The overcurrent protection circuit will instantly shut off DC output when exception happens(for example, a reverse polarity powered pedal is mis-plugged in), and protects your pedals ( and investment) from damage.    

Advanced features for your guitar rig .. protect your effects !

Regulated 9V x 1 & 12V  x1 DC output with maximum 750 mA (in total) capacity for effects power straight from the  board. 
Advanced over-current protection circuit, instantly shuts off the DC power when  over-current occurs...... 
Ammeter shows the DC power consumption. 
10 digits LED sound level meter. 
Two AC output plugs with fused protection for use with any device or hardwired AC effect. 
Ground the gigs before play, earth terminal check  indicator to ensure  correct AC  power connection. 
 ○ External FX loop. 
 ○ Bridge in-out plugs




                 EFFECTS LOOPER



                             1. Recall 8 presets instantly!



 2. Switching "POP" cancellation technology, elimintes "POP" sound when switch effects.

 3. Instant MUTE design. The MUTE is also a "Switch to TUNER" switch.

 4. Buffered input/ Non-Bufferred input option. 5. Programmable discritional connection order, e.g. "FX1->FX2->FX3" or "FX2->FX3->FX1".

 6. Standard negative center DC9V power supply.

 7. Wide switch distance avoid misstepping, 70cm/27.6inch switch distance (center to center).

8. Ultra Compact Enclosure Size: 36(L)x9.0(W)x3.0(H)cm / 14.2(L)x3.54(W)x1.18(H)inch.  

Here is a quick video of the new GEC438 Commander:

Coming soon !!

New For 2011....

The GEC9


   Guitar Signal Path Switching System 





 The new GEC 9 features 10 BANKS of loop combinations and 5 presets each bank for a  combination capability of 50 presets!  This is done by utilizing switchable banks right from the board (and your feet). Ultra fast switching, pop elimination and a wide stance to avoid mis-stepping. Small enough to fit almost anywhere.

Built gig tough, True Bypass throughout and priced within reach of all players, the Moen GEC9 Commander will be the heart of your effects setup.

These guys just keep getting better and more innovative and this  one is their flagship Looper designed for the serious musician.     

Here are some step videos to work you through the GEC9:

This first video demostrates how to use GEC9 to connect up to max. 9 single pedals:

GEC9 Pedal Switcher Part 2 - Amp footswitch function:

GEC9 Pedal Switcher Part 3 - Switching between Amps:

1. Recall presets instantly, 50 presets ( 5 presets/bank x 10banks).
2. 6 Series loops and 3 separate loops.
3. The separate loops can be used as latched switches for amp channel switching.
4. Switching "POP" cancellation technology, elimintes "POP" sound when switch effects.
5. Instant MUTE design. The MUTE is also a "Switch to TUNER" switch.
6. Buffered input/ Non-Bufferred input option.
7. Standard negative center DC9V power supply.
8. Wide switch distance avoid misstepping, 70cm/2.76 distance between switches..
9. Ultra Compact Enclosure Size: 43(L)x9.5(W)x3.0(H)cm / 16.9(L)x3.54(W)x3.74(H)inch.

Features at a Glance:

You can find these configurations in greater detail on MOEN'sofficial website @ www.moenfx.com



Keep an eye out for more offerings from Moen.

 Some exciting things are comin' up ! Be sure to check 'em all out at our store ! earthcitysoundco