Artec has been leading the way in offering a full range of compact guitar effects and prices for all to afford. Alot of detail and tone goes into every floor effect, and for the value they simply can't be beat. For any one looking to build up your effect line, ARTEC can certainly fill the bill. Below is a sampling of some of their best offerings, but they do carry a full line of effects, amps, and accessories. Check 'em out at . Very nice website from these guys ! 


This is great little delay from the folks at Artec 
SE-ADL revives the feeling of ANALOG warmth. Contrary to normal Digital Delays, the SE-ADL offers warm and organic tonal responses. Offering variable RESOLUTION by TIME and REPEAT blending knobs as traditional analog delay and tape echo machines.
Features at a glance:
  • Full metal casing.
  • Analog Design up to 440 ms Delay time 
  • TrueBypass Stomp switch. The sound coming in is totally unaffected by any filter or circuitry.
  • Powered by 9V ( Supplied for Plug n' Play!) or 9V Adaptor
  • Dimension 75.5 x 116 x 49 mm, weight 340g 



Great little Tremolo at a great little price! Analog, True Bypass and a must have for those swampy trem tones that is finding a place from Rock to country. Featuring Speed, Level, and Depth controls.

Features at a glance:

  •  Realistic Trem Tones
  •  Totally Analog
  •  Controls for Speed, Level and Depth
  • True-Bypass Direct Stomp switch. The sound coming in is totally unaffected by any filter or circuitry.
  •  Full metal casing
  • Powers by 9V Battery (supplied for Plug n' Play !) or DC 9V Adaptor ( 100ma-)
  •  Dimension 4.5" H x 2.75" W x 1.25" D  weight 9 oz



Awesome chromatic guitar tuner with a huge BLUE LED display.Very easy to see when the lights are low... look down and watch it glow !  The super big readout is as practical as it is cool!    

Full function mute for silent tuning when the BIG Dots is engaged. No battery drain when not engaged, so this tuner will be ready whenever you need to check tuning status.All metal casing and to ensure this will work in your effects line.
Fresh and direct from Artec !

ARTEC SPB-8 POWER BRICK - great for powering up your pedalboard.
Power up your in-line effects.. save battery cost and possible tone loss.
The Power Brick is a regulated and hum-filtered 8 channel power supply and power distributor. It has 6 channels of fixed 9V output and 2 channels of adjustable output ranging from 6V to 9V (should you want to drive your pedals underpowered to give your overdrive/distortion sound a more unique sound). This ultra portable unit includes a switch to change to AC adapter modes as well.

Includes power supply and all cable links to get connected and rockin! (Package includes 2 x 8",3 x 12" and 3 x 16"  hookup cables)
Also features Blue LED's with  on/off switch for stage play... nice touch.....

This is the new 2  MODE BLEND FUZZ  from ARTEC in their new CUSTOM series of effects. Lots of Fuzzy options here for recording or live use.

 The FUZZTOWN is unique in the fact that it has 2 seperate settings....." Black and White" These can be blended together in numerous possible setings to get some pretty unique tones.

White Fuzz:  

The white sound produces a fuzzy distortion that is not overbearing, but rocks up the tone.

Black Fuzz:

The Black sound is a little darker and squeezes the sound where pinch harmonics come through.

Now for the good part.....  you can "blend" these together to make a truly unique sound. Varying volume and blends (each stage offers it's own level of balance) offers many, many tonal options. Blending these two together creates "out of Phase" sounds and is reminiscent of an Octavia at times. Almost a synth-gated effect that goes far beyond normal "plug n' play" Fuzz boxes. Your chance to create song passages that are unique to you and your style !

Got all the Fuzz you need?  Think again...... add the FUZZTOWN  to your arsenal! 



This is the new TINO range of mini amps from ARTEC. Versatile, powerful for a amp this size and absolutely a great looking mini-amp.

Built in a beautiful solid wood casing, (no veneer or laminate pressed wood junk) and  a steel plate construction inside, this little amp is made to work and take along anywhere. 

Nice little take along amp for the electric guitar players. Headphone out for private jammin. A lot of setting control here. Add some Chorus, Delay... whatever in-line and you are ready to go, or line-out through the headphone input to a bigger cab if desired. 


The Tino manages to squeeze a massive 5 Watts out of the 9V battery set up while most other battery powered amps can only manage about a watt or two. The real wood cab also gives it a bit more clarity and resonance.


As well as being  powerful for its size, the Tino features a 4 way Drive Selector creating the following vintage effects for your guitar:

  • Clean
  • Hot Tube (tube amp emulation)
  • Overdrive
  • High Gain

Also included is the ‘Expander’ control which allows you to control the frequency spectrum of your sound, from warm-rich middle tones to a almost metallic sound. 


Also.... on-board Chromatic tuner! No switching required to tune, just press the bypass, tune and press back to amp. Very nice......  

In the beautiful Bubinga Wood....


Also in the Zebra Wood below:


RX-5 Mini Amp


Artec APW-7


Leave it to ARTEC to create a great new twist on the classic Wah. Excellent tonal possibilities for self-expression!
The Whish Wah features a Dual-mode independent circuit setup for both bass and guitar. Control for both Wah Range and Whish knob control, which when pushed, can send this thing into some Audioslave Whammy type of sounds! 
The Whish Wah also features the patent -pending "Permanent Pot"  Magnetic Field Sensing System, which means no-pot noise when engaged and maintenance free!
I have run guitar through both Wah and Bass modes and some excellent low end tones can be achieved by running guitar on the Bass option. 
If  you have not had a Wah in your guitar arsenal lately... think again as the Whish Wah can inspire and create. A great addition to your effects line that can cover classic Wah sounds as well as  modulation/Whammy type of sounds.
Great Wah at a great price !!! 
 All new TUBE-5H HEAD
Nice sounding Tube head with a lot of power and punch. Dual channel with great cleans and Crunchy Overdrive.  


- VALVES: 12BH7 x 1 , 12AX7 x 1

- DIMENSIONS : W 454 X  D 228 X H 185 (mm) - WEIGHT : 7.8 (kg)

G200RH  Solid State  Amp Head

Awesome sounding head from Artec !

- 200W(RMS) Guitar Amplifier
- Clean Channel (Bright S/W, Volume)
- Drive Channel (Gain, Level, Boost)
- Two Input jack (Hi & Low)
- 3 Band EQ
- Spring Reverb
- Aux input for MP3 / CD. Line out
- CD Level
- Foot Switch Included !(Channel, Boost, Reverb)
- Effect Loop (Send, Return)
- Speaker output jack &  
   Speak on Connector Speaker output jack
- Headphone jack
- Dimensions: (mm): w530 x d230 x h230 / 11.8Kg

Lots more to see from Artec!  Check out their site and then check the store for current specific product availability.

All new Giovanni pickups brought to you by Artec!


Artec's new Power Bar Effects Power Supply:

The all new TD Series Analog Multi Drive's!

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