I am happy to report I have picked up the KLD  line of effects and will be introducing many new models shortly.
First time in the U.S. market.
KLD has some killer Tube  amps in their lineup and are constantly improving.
They now have put out a nice lineup of quality and  for sure affordable effects AND YOU SEE MORE POSTED HERE SHORTLY.
The KLD DELAY Pedal gets it's inspiration from the much sought after Ibanez AD-80 of yester year.  There are no noise reduction circuits, which keeps decay of echo as natural as possible. The direct signal path is short and made with analog amplifiers with no filtering. There should be no real distortion or tone coloration as long as input level is in range below maximum allowed. The echo signal has a tuned filtering to allow extreme settings without interference. Very versatile with a full sweeping ms delay range.

Kldguitar Analog Delay Effect Pedal uses a compander with pre- and de-emphasis for an exceptionally clean delay. Time and level controls allow mixing between dry and delayed signals. Repeat control lets you adjust the number of repeats without runaway.

· Exceptionally clean delay
· Time and level controls
· Repeat control
· 2 outputs for separate routing of dry and delayed signals
·Strong virtually indestructible steel enclosure
·Heavy-duty, industrial footswitches,Check knobs, and inside jacks
· On/Off LED
· True Bypass design
· Military-spec glass-epoxy circuit board
· AC jack (power supply sold separately)
· No tools required; battery compartment (9 volt not included)

"The RAT"


KLD Booster

The Kldguitar FREQ Booster is a discrete FET preamp pedal with a low impedance output. It was based around the classic preamp side of an Xotic EP booster and produces a shimmering boost tone that adds some high end sparkle and definition. It's features up to 20db of gain on tap and two internal DIP switches to customize the boost. One is a Bass Boost and the other is a Bright switch. The default setting is Bright on/Bass Boost off. This provides extra sparkle for the darker sounding instruments and is great for that extra edge or shimmer. The Bass Boost adds just the right amount of low end for single coils to keep up. By turning off the Bright Switch you can get a full frequency boost that is transparent and gives you back what you put into it.

100% analog signal path and hand made ·Controls: Gain ·Internal Switches for Bass and Bright booster. ·Discrete FET Preamp · AC jack (power supply sold separately) ·Strong virtually indestructible steel enclosure ·Heavy-duty industrial footswitch. ·Sloped face for easy stomping·On/Off LED indicator ·True Bypass design ·Military-spec glass-epoxy circuit board ·No tools required; battery compartment (9 volt not included)
·DIMENSIONS:5.5(W)x50(H)x12.3(L)CM (unpacked)
Weight:0.7kg (unpacked)


The Kldguitar SD-03 is kind of three-in-one distortion effect.It features fully independent distortion circuits with different frequency-responses, which can be mixed together in any way you like it. This unique construction enables you to create extraordinary sounds, which were impossible to realize by other means and will satisfy many players hungry for some power and crunch.


· Incredible-sounding distortion pedal with unique dual-gain circuitry
· Provides super-long sustain and heavy mids and lows like a stack of overdriven amps.
· Three-band EQ with semi-parametric Mid control offers a wide range of extreme distortion textures.
· A must-have pedal for any hard rock or metal guitarist.
· Strong virtually indestructible steel enclosure.
· Heavy-duty industrial footswitch
· inside jacks.
· On/Off LED .
· True Bypass design.
· Military-spec glass-epoxy circuit board.
· AC jack (power supply sold separately).
· No tools required; battery compartment (9 volt not included)
·DIMENSIONS:5.5(W)x50(H)x12.3(L)CM (unpacked)
·Weight:0.7kg (

KLD Tube Booster

Put a little fire into your tone! This pedal is specially designed to work with magnetic guitar pickups and is based on a subminature OTK 6*2B-K vacuum tube.
The OTK 6*2B-K is manufactured to meet the stringent MIL-E-1 specification for reliability and designed for long service life under conditions of severe shock, vibration (20,000G!), high temperature and high altitude. The subminiature tubes represent the pinnacle of tube technology and offer more consistent musical performance than the early NOS germanium transistors used in Rangemaster-type booster pedals making it a hi-fidelity boost pedal perfect for studio and touring in even the harshest conditions.

Power li battery make pedal working time longer than 4 hours without charge.So you can play it at any time any where freely.


Model PB-50

Very nice 50 watt  MAX power attenuator at a great price that allows you to turn down your speakers by up to -120dB without turning down your amp! True-bypass configuration. 

Attenuators are great for reducing overall volume while keeping that massive tonal response you desire.


ModelUranus 5HA   Class A Tube Amp

A little screamer and loaded with options!! Nice!!


·5 watts (rms) 4,8 ohms
·one 6l6(EL34) and two 12AX7's
·Single End Class A
·Toroidal Transformer
·5/3w Power SC
·Out speaker jack: 4ohm, 8ohm, 2x8ohm
·Hi-Lo impedance inputs
·Controls: Gain, Reverb, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume
·Booster/Normal SW

·Bright/Normal SW
·FX loop
·Head phone out with emulator for quiet practice.
·Spring reverb with control
·XLR out (DI out),( with Head phone for quiet recording)
·FS jack

·Heat sink metal case
·Precise parts used for lowest noise 5W metal oxide power resistors, 600V polypropylene film/foil
·DIMENSIONS:36.4(L)x22(W)x27(H)CM (Unpacked)
·WEIGHT: 9kg (Unpacked)

Model:GT5HR   Class A Tube Amp

The Kldguitar GT-5HR is a single end Class A guitar tube head amplifier with spring reverb. This guitar amplifier makes small-room sessions lots of fun! A high gain preamp circuit has been added to take the overdrive tone beyond that of the original, and a choice of High or Low gain inputs are included. One knob controls reverb level. One Foot switch selects spring reverb on/off. With a switchable Pentode/Triode (step dwon from 5 to 3 watts), you get the only amp in its class that delivers true tonal range from instantaneous punch to deliciously creamy/crunchy overdrive. With precise control via the output volume.

This head is a little powerhouse with a great sound and a lot of tonal options, from built in spring Reverb, built in wattage step down, DI out, standby switch, and a footswitch option.
Very, very nice from KLD....

Model:Uranus 5HA

The Uranus 5H is a Class A, purpose-built recording head amplifier. So it’s sound is pure, and free from hum and hiss. The single-ended Class A valve output stage allows the player to crank up the volume to the desired level-flat-out if necessary - to achieve just the right amount of compression and distortion without the acoustic output becoming annoying. In a pro studio, this equates to less spill over into other microphones, and in the home studio, less tendency to annoy the wife/flat mates/neighbors and restrict your recording time to moments when all of the above are out. It can be connected to a cabinet with either a 12 or 15 inch speaker to obtain a very good sound.


·All-Tube: 100% analog tube signal path based on a NOS Mil-spec subminiature OTK 6*2B-K tube.
·Boost Control: ranges from 0dB (unity, where the pedal can operate as an audiophile buffer) to substantial 25dB
·Tone Control:
·Resonance Switch: Tunes the resonant peak of a single coil pickup, lowering it, it sound thicker, fatter and more like humbucker.
·True Bypass:
·Strong virtually indestructible steel enclosure
·Heavy-duty industrial footswitch
·Sloped face for easy stomping
·On/Off LED indicator
·Military-spec glass-epoxy circuit board
·"No tools required" battery compartment (12 volt li battey and Charger included)

·DIMENSIONS:5.5(W)x50(H)x12.3(L)CM (unpacked)
·Weight:0.5kg (


Max attenuation is -10dB, maximize that great Tube sound at lower levels.  
·Al alloy case let PB attenuator dissipate heat easy
·Connected amp and cabinet with speaker cable
·Power Handling: Up to 50 Watts
··DIMENSIONS: ·16cm x 8.8cm x 5.6cm (6.3" x 3.5" x 2.2")
·WEIGHT: 0.69kg (1.52 lbs);;
(NOTE: Cords from amp and to speakers must be heavy-duty speaker cable with 1/4" phone-type speaker connectors.)